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May 05 2015

Use WhatsApp Mass Messenger & Promote your music, concert, events

A professional high-performance Mass Messenger Application for targeted Whatsapp marketing campaigns and lists building at the desktop.
Customize yo
whatsapp bulk software
ur message, promote offers, send reminders, bag new clients, and more! Strategize powerful marketing messages through Whatsapp.
Here are some features of our Whatsapp Mass Messenger software:
-    Send all media: videos, text, images, map (location), and audio
-    Include a VCard along with your website URL or telephone number for call backs
bulk whatsapp marketing software

You can open multiple cases of the software (up to 10 per computer) to send more messages hourly
-    Inbox for organizing received messages and addressing them
-    More messages per channel send than every other software saves money in channels
-    Set profile picture and status of all the channels found in your campaign with a single click
-    Save campaign and load them later for continuing using them at a later time
-    Check sent log without success log of messages
-    Blacklist numbers who dont need to receive further messages.

**Special Offer: Were together with a channel finder software using this package for FREE.**(channels are numbers registered with whatsapp employed for sending the messages from in your contacts)
WhatsappContacts Filter & Tracking Software Features
-    Checks 30k - 40k cell numbers per operated with only 1 channel.
-    Channel gets depleted once more than 500k numbers are checked
-    Generates lists with specific mobile number area codes & checks if registered with Whatsapp
-    Filters numbers registered with Whatsapp from the predetermined list of mobile numbers
-    Identifies and exports only whatsapp numbers to csv
-    Checks Last seen status of Whatsapp contacts and displays their profiles image

Alonso (skype: wp.bulk)
whatsapp: +51978492438

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